New Specials For The Month of June: 6-2017

We have been working on both new cocktails as well as some pretty amazing plates. Along with the fact that we secured (at all three restaurants) a nice quantity of Fresno State Corn from the Gibson Farm Market.

Be sure to order a new dish and try out something special while it lasts.

1. Shrimp Dumpling.
House made Shrimp dumplings, marinated in Ginger Coriander and scallions. Coconut Creamed Spinach and Lobster Lemongrass Broth.

IMG_3082 IMG_3104

2. Crab Gazpacho:
Lemon Scented Crab salad served with Dungeness cocktail claws. heirloom tomato salad and Gazpacho sauce.
IMG_3115 seafood in fresno
3. Summer Shrimp Salad.
Ginger marinated Shrimp served atop Asian greens. Served in a crispy spring roll shell. Soy Sesame vinaigrette.
IMG_3152 IMG_3160
4. Watermelon Salad.
Compressed watermelon, Feta Mousse, Arugula salad and California Poppy Seeds.
IMG_3183 IMG_3190
5. Tuscan Yukon Gold potatoes:
Crispy Yukon gold potatoes with Maldon Sea Salt, Rosemary, Thyme, and olive oil.
IMG_3144 IMG_3147
6. Summer Halibut:
Pan Roasted Halibut with Pencil asparagus, Tuscan Yukon Gold potatoes, Served with a light, Lemon Brown Butter.
IMG_3244 IMG_3251 IMG_3267
7. Pan Roasted Scallops:
Pan Roasted Scallops served with Fresno State Corn.  bacon Lardons and Roasted Shallot.
Topped with arugula salad and crispy shallots.Sauce Bacon Buerre Blanc.
IMG_3231 scalls-clean