Fansler Restaurant Group Loyalty Program Rules


Forget rewards cards. Thanx lets you use your credit or debit card to earn free stuff from Pismo’s, Yosemite Ranch and Westwoods BBQ.

  • Slim down your wallet

    Get rid of those pesky “Buy-10-Get-1-Free” cards and keep it all on your phone.

  • Simple to use

    No check-ins, coupons, or scanning those pesky QR codes.

  • Free

    Free app. Free to sign up. Free to use. Always free.

How It Works:

1) Register your credit and debit cards. Your card is never charged. It’s how we connect rewards to you.

2) Dine as usual. Pay with a registered card to earn reward progress.

3) Earn rewards right to your phone. No check-ins! Your phone buzzes when you get a reward.

Thanx works with

Cc visa@1.5xCc mastercard@1.5xCc amex@1.5xCc discover@1.5xCc diners@1.5xCc debit@1.5x